Device News: $3 Billion Cyberonics and Sorin Deal

Neuromodulation company Cyberonics ($CYBX) and cardiovascular device player Sorin in an all-stock deal that now values the combination at $3 billion. Upon news of the deal, investors drove Cyberonics’ valuation up 25% to almost $1.6 billion while Sorin added more than 30% to about $1.4 billion. The idea is to create a neuromodulation and cardiac surgery company that… Read More »

Endoscopes linked to spread of deadly drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals

  In the latest incidence of the outbreak of infections stemming from unclean endoscopes, 8 patients in Philadelphia were recently infected with bacteria resistant to carbapenem antibiotics, which kill up to half of those infected, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Carbapenem-resistant–or CRE–bacteria have also been reported at hospitals in Seattle, Pittsburgh and Chicago. In all cases, the bug was… Read More »

Boston Scientific near big deal to buy Endo’s device.

Boston Scientific ($BSX) sat out most rounds of med tech M&A the past few years, but the device giant might be charting a different course in 2015. The company is reportedly close to buying Endo International’s ($ENDP) AMS medical device unit in a deal estimated at $2 billion. People familiar with the matter told Reuters that the companies… Read More »

Medical Sales Trainee: Why you need a career coach

Not a day goes by without MedicalReps being contacted by salespeople trying to break into medical sales.  What usually comes up is the age-old dilemma of needing experience to get in, but nobody willing to give you the experience. To start a career in medical sales, you need a thorough understanding of the industry and where you fit to be… Read More »

Promising Biotech News

  The results of BioSpace’s third Biotech Temperature Poll are in and the masses have spoken: Most of the respondents polled said they believe biotech companies will continue to ramp up hiring in 2015, with 70 percent polled saying they are confident new jobs will be on the horizon in the coming four quarters.When asked if large companies… Read More »