Medical News: Johnson & Johnson Device Sales Down Nearly 8% in U.S.

Johnson & Johnson’s fourth-quarter medical device sales fell by 4.7%, to $6.6 billion, with the biggest drop (7.7%) in the U.S., the company announced this week. Total fourth-quarter sales were down 0.6% year-over-year, to $18.3 billion. Total net income fell 28% to $2.52 billion, or 89 cents per share, down from $3.52 billion, or $1.23 per share, in… Read More »

Med tech IPO mania: 6 IPOs ready to raise $324M

At least a half-dozen med tech companies are ready for an IPO in the coming weeks. Already, they have either set IPO terms or have launched on to an IPO road show to sell investors. The three that have set rough IPO dates all have done so for the end of January. These companies are set to test… Read More »

New Analysis Challenges Arguments for Repealing Tax on Medical Devices

WASHINGTON — A tax on medical devices, imposed by the Affordable Care Act, has become a prime target for Republicans, some Democrats and a small army of lobbyists for the industry. But a new report from the Congressional Research Service challenges economic arguments that are being made to justify repealing the tax. Critics of the tax say it… Read More »

The Big Rookie Medical Sales Mistake

Excellent Article I recently read from Author Mace Horoff: A sure sign of an ineffective, rookie medical sales rep is one who infuses the sales conversation with statements such as: “This is the best on the market.” “This will be great for your practice.” “Your patients will get better results.” “My product has numerous advantages over what you’re… Read More »

Tendyne Announces Successful First Human Implants of the Tendyne Transcatheter Mitral Valve Implant (TMVI)

The Tendyne TMVI is a fully retrievable and repositionable pericardial valve that was specifically designed to address the complex mitral anatomy of mitral regurgitation. Left untreated, mitral regurgitation can lead to heart failure and death. Mr. Neil Moat, a leading expert in mitral valve surgery and TAVI, performed the procedures at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, England. Commenting on… Read More »