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What is your current recruiting plan when you need to hire sales talent?

If you’re like most companies hiring, you probably post open positions on job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder, plus add your openings on your company’s website career page, and sit back and hope that the right candidates will apply. Unfortunately, many of the resumes submitted are unqualified, causing you to waste valuable time screening the wrong applicants.

The trouble that most managers face when using these traditional recruiting methods is that they’re only accessing a very small percentage of the candidate marketplace. These candidates are often unemployed and/or unqualified. Many times the best candidates are passive and not sourcing the internet like the active jobseekers who are actively searching each day.

What’s even more overwhelming is that there are over 5+ million jobs posted online each month, with an average of 150 candidates applying to each posting. Out of all those applicants, stats show that a very small percentage of individuals are actually qualified for the job openings employers are trying to fill.

Another method is social and business media sites such as LinkedIn & Facebook. Many HR and hiring sales managers are using these networking sites to source profiles and connect with people who look like they’re qualify, unfortunately this method unless already directly connected with thousands of people takes lots of time, energy and a big dash of luck. Most times it’s a big waste of valuable time!


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