During my 30+ years in medical sales recruiting, I have come across hundreds of people who are sleep walking through their career and don’t know it. Maybe a better analogy is that they’re walking on a treadmill, year after year, at 2.5 miles per hour, on a low level incline.dreamstime_s_39625945

Life seems great, they’re with a solid, respected medical device or pharmaceutical company making a good income and their customers love them.

They have created excellent professional and personal relationship, so why rock the boat?

Here’s the problem, the medical marketplace has a variety of career options that present new challenges. There are four major levels of medical sales jobs and, like a treadmill, if you never explore new speeds and elevations you’ll never know what you’re missing.


Don’t just settle for the status quo. Learn how to maximize your career growth and earning potential.

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The 9 Traits that must be demonstrated by potential or experienced Medical Sales Reps to Crush the Next Job Interview

By Ralph Steeber, CEO MEDSEARCH

Here are nine important character traits that candidates are well-advised to hone and exhibit during the job interview process:handshake over signed cotract

Communication Skills – The skill to make a good presentation and engage your audience is critical. The ability to listen attentively and speak clearly are the foundation of healthcare sales.

Concise and Direct Style –A physician’s or healthcare professional’s time is valuable and you don’t get much of it. It is important for you to be able to distill information down to its essence. Continue reading

Are We Going Too Far With Social Media?


Some days I sit back and think about the professional and personal information I can instantly glean from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.
I’m not sure about everyone else, but it seems to me that we’re all going a little too far in what we’re willing to openly share.
Don’t get me wrong,  sharing is good, but whatever happened to select confidentially? Have we slowly been conditioned to just keep adding  more and more information about ourselves online?
Maybe I’m old school, but I thought this would be a  great question to ask my colleagues, friends and business associates in my current networking circles.


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