Does your pay stack up to your colleagues’ income?

Discussing income among your peers is, in some companies, taboo. That’s why MedicalReps has taken the stress and anxiety about income and answered your burning questions about how much you could (or should) be making at your current level. The average income growth in medical sales since 2010 has outpaced most other industries.   Use this information to… Read More »

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

  If that warning means nothing to you, I’m sorry you missed out on one of my favorite childhood television shows, Lost in Space. Robots have come a long way since the lumbering metal boxes on 60s TV. Intuitive Surgical, maker of the daVinci surgical robot, has taken their advanced technology to the next level in a partnership with UC… Read More »

Networking your way up the ladder

  Work smarter, not harder. We’ve all heard this from bosses and colleagues, but how do we apply this to our job search? You can keep busy looking at job boards, submitting your resume online, and shooting off your resume to every recruiter in your address book. But, is this really going to help you land interviews? Probably… Read More »