Our contract sales recruiting agency
saves you time, headaches and money

What is your current recruiting plan
when you need to hire new sales talent?

For years there have been only three options when hiring new sales people.

Option One 
use a recruiter and pay a percentage or flat contingency fee if they’re successful in finding you the right person. Yes, they will recruit, screen and provide qualified people to save you time and energy but … NOT MONEY … Yes, you can just sit back and get some pretty good choices but you will end up paying thousands of dollars in fees.

Option Two
post open positions on a few of your favorite job boards, plus add your openings on your company’s website career page, and sit back and hope that the right candidates will apply. Unfortunately, most of the resumes submitted are unqualified, causing you to waste valuable time interviewing the wrong applicants and many times never finding the right person.

Option Three 
Utilize social and business media such as LinkedIn & Facebook. Many HR, recruiters and sales managers are using these types of sites to source and contact people who look like they’re qualified. Unfortunately this method, unless
well connected with thousands of people, takes lots of time, energy and plenty of luck.

We have great news!
We have
 changed all that by offering companies an affordable new option that can get the recruiting, screening & hiring job done while saving them valuable time, stress and thousands of dollars.

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