Hiring Statistics

In 2022, our team conducted a national direct survey of 1000 experienced sales professionals who had changed jobs in the last 24 months to determine how they got their jobs. Choices were: Recruiter, Print or Online Advertisement, Direct Marketing, Networking. The results didn’t surprise us: 67% found their latest position via the networking method. Many companies will rely on direct referrals from current employees (who get a bonus for a successful hire) and jobseekers who approach them through business/social media and business meetings.

Business and Social networking capabilities, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, have revolutionized the way we can connect today. Using it properly can be a much quicker way to meet the right people who can provide the marketplace knowledge necessary for success. It’s only common sense that the “bigger your business network” the faster you can connect with people who can help. This will positively shorten your search process, and has proven for years to lead to faster information, and ultimately a new job.

Our networking program at 1st Connects can shorten your job search time by 50 percent. Every day you are unemployed or not in the right job you’re losing money.