LinkedIn Facts

Having a lot of linkedIn connections is always a good thing, but having the right ones when you’re in job searching mode is most important. If your contacts consist of mainly general or casual connections of friends, family and peers in your current company you are missing the boat.

The average number of connections on LinkedIn is 430.

Recruiters and hiring employers both use linkedIn to source candidates for employment, sometimes even using current employees for career-networking opportunities using a bonus referral system.

If you’re serious about your job search, simply having a linkedIn profile is not enough. To get found by recruiters you must cut through the noise of half a billion users by using the right keywords that will get you found.

People always ask how many is enough? Our standard answer is “it depends,” but for most job seekers I think a good number of connections is as relevant to your job search as possible. If what you’re looking for in being a linkedIn member is a way to network closely with a group of people you know, then fine, 100-200 connections might be ideal.

If you’re on the job hunt, then depending on your profession, you should have a at least 300-500 quality targeted connections.

If you’re serious about your job search, our 1st Connects program can help you plan, execute and get connected to the right people that can make a difference.